Get Organized In 3 Easy Steps

by Lisa Woodruff

Jan 27, 2017 | Episode 148 | 2:22:08

Today on the podcast, I am putting all 3 of the "getting organized" steps into action in 2 NEW areas of our homes so you can see the whole process in action.

Step 1 - Decluttering

Decluttering means to remove what you do not want or need in a space.

Some obvious things to declutter are: food, trash, or broken objects.

Then it gets harder. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? So how do you decide what should go and what should stay? The key here is to FOCUS on what can GO, not how to organize what you want to keep.

Step 2 - Organizing

Step 3 - Increasing Productivity

Let’s look specifically at Increasing Productivity. Productivity comes from thinking and planning. Every minute you spend planning SAVES 4-5 minutes in executing your plan.

Planning = TIME SAVED.

While it may be hard to find time to plan your day, your meals or your vacation, you KNOW that when you do… everything goes easier and faster.

Planning is the ONE THING that will make everything else easier or not even need to be done at all.


Each step has its own goals and strategies for success. In this series, I will be describing each step from beginning to end and giving you actionable strategies to "get organized."

Listen to the podcast to hear about organizing the car and kid's bedrooms.

3 Stages of Organization

Download 3 Stages of Organization Printable.