462 – Learning the Skill of Organizing: Step 2 Organize

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462 - Learning the Skill of Organizing: Step 2 Organize

The term “getting organized” means different things to different people. Over the last ten years of teaching people the skills of finally getting their home and paper organized, I have distilled “getting organized” into 3 distinct stages.

Step 1 – Decluttering

Step 2 – Organizing

Step 3 – Increasing Productivity

Each step has its own goals and strategies for success. In this series, I will be describing each step from beginning to end and giving you actionable strategies to “get organized.”

These steps are progressive and need to be done in order in each area you want to tackle in your home and in your life. In the podcast, I will be sharing what it looks like to do each step in the following areas: your primary closet, your kitchen, your schedule, and your daily actionable papers.

3 Stages of Organization


Step 2: Organize!!


Don’t you just want to jump right to the step where you get to go buy cute matching containers when you are organizing a space? ME, TOO!

BUT every time I do that, it influences what I keep and how I store things instead of my THINGS influencing those decisions. {In the podcast, I share how I figured that out as a professional organizer.}

First, let’s talk about what being organized means. For me it means:

  • Everything has a place.
  • I know where to find things.
  • I do not spend time LOOKING for things.
  • I FEEL organized and put together.
  • I can have friends over and feel great.
  • My house looks good… not perfect… but good.
  • I feel confident in my abilities.
  • I don’t have too little or too much.
  • I have choices of how to spend my time.
  • I am able to make forward progress on my goals and projects.

Before I dive into the 5 steps to organizing, I want to give you one caution…

You will not get it 100% right the first time.

Yep, no matter what you are organizing, your goal is to get 80-90% better. The last 10% comes in step 3.

Ok, so you know how you will feel and that you are not going for perfection. Let’s dive in!

5 Steps to Organizing

  1. Get a big picture plan for the space.
  2. Combine like items.
  3. Match your items to the space.
  4. Buy organizers.
  5. Clean and finish.

Organizing feels amazing! But after a while, you realize something is missing. The last 10% is Step 3 – Increased Productivity.

Listen to the podcast to hear about how I declutter spaces, schedules, and papers.

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