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308 – How to Fit In Behavior Change

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
308 - How to Fit In Behavior Change

Recently, I’ve been talking about how learning to get organized is based in meeting different levels of needs and by being exposed to different teaching techniques. This week on the podcast, I want to move from theory to practice. I want to talk to you about some specific ways to fit organizational behaviors into your schedule. I want to move you beyond a certain way to fold shirts and, instead, help you to change your behavioral habits. These habits make up 80% of our actions every day, and we must PLAN and WORK to create change.

A big change over time comes from changing little habits on a regular basis. When I teach, I think hearing about real people in real situations is super helpful in applying information. So, I answer your question about irregular, unpredictable schedules. I also answer a listener’s question about being in the accumulation and survival stages at the same time (and I talk about both time and your space for this question). A third question addresses being organized when working two jobs and going to school.

I will also send you back to some of my prior podcasts where I explore these changes in detail and give you much more information. Here are some other podcasts I have recorded that also help answer these questions and you can apply towards working to change your habits and behaviors:

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