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382 – Update on Lisa’s Q1 Pink Slash Pocket Goals

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
382 - Update on Lisa's Q1 Pink Slash Pocket Goals

For the very first podcast of 2021, I shared what my pink slash pockets will be for the first New Year of 2021. Now that we are halfway through that first quarter, I want to share what I have completed, what I have completely let go of, and why this has been the best experiment I have ever done inside of my Sunday Basket®.

My Sunday Basket® is my habit and weekly system that keeps my actionable to-dos, my ideas, and my mail, keeps my family running smoothly, and allows me to focus on work during the week without worrying about household tasks.

Consistent use of the Sunday Basket® helps your brain move from reactive to proactive. After about six weeks, most users find they have the capacity for the Sunday Basket® 2.0 slash pockets. These slash pockets hold the papers and ideas related to larger projects that require a consistent infusion of time, money, and/or motivation to be completed. The 2.0 slash pockets focus on four major life areas: home, family, money, and self.

In today’s podcast, I am sharing what I’ve been doing so far in my personal pink slash pockets so far in 2021. I was focusing on launching my kids into #adulting, family photo memories, creating an Organize 365 scrapbook, systematizing beauty, and my to-be-read list.

Listen in as I share what projects I have completed, what projects I called “good enough to be done,” and which things I have decided to abandon or ignore.

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