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240 – A Year With Organize 365 – Dawn’s Story

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
240 - A Year With Organize 365 - Dawn's Story

Welcome to “A Year With Organize 365 – Dawn’s Story”. You first met Dawn in Episode 189, where she walked us through what it would be like to be her classmate in The Productive Home Solution. She joined us in Dallas for the RISE: You are Enough National Convention and opened up even more. This episode is the recording of Dawn’s talk at the convention.

In this episode, Dawn takes us a little bit deeper into her struggles before finding Organize 365, and how taking back her home completely transformed the way she lived (and thought about) her life. I want to warn you–Dawn talks about some tough stuff here.

How Depression Affects Your Home’s Organization

You’ve heard me share my depression story, as well as Certified Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer Wendy’s depression story. So many of you come to me or our Facebook Group and share your own depression stories, too. When I was professionally organizing, over half of my clients reached out to our team because they were overwhelmed by their own depression. It’s a common thread that devastates women and their homes because depression affects every area of your life.

When you are depressed, your motivation and passion for everything is gone. Organizing a large space, like a storage room or an entire home, can be an overwhelming task normally, and depression magnifies that sense of overwhelm to the extreme.

While I cannot take your depression away from you (please, please see a medical professional for that!), I can tell you that I developed The Productive Home Solution with this sense of overwhelm in mind. Doing a small task, little by little, and achieving those tiny, significant wins–it’s the key to feeling like a success. That feeling gives you momentum to continue to tackle the next project, and the next one. Soon, you are looking at a peaceful, organized home, and no longer slogging through the chaos each day.

Does an organized home cure depression? No, of course not. But it does remove a huge burden from your shoulders and empowers you with the self-confidence that you can do it. That you are enough.


How Dawn Fought To Take Back Her Home

Because Dawn has been a part of Organize 365 for so long, she has taken part in almost all of the programs I have offered. Dawn talks about her Golden Windows (more about that in next week’s podcast!) and those windows were the opportunity she needed to get going.

As women, we expect ourselves to do so many things perfectly. To be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, have a perfectly organized home, and have time for perfect hobbies, all while maintaining deep, meaningful relationships with our loved ones. If you’ve learned one thing from me, it’s that not only do you not need to be perfect, you can’t be perfect!

Dawn’s story is a wonderful reminder of the ups and downs of life and how making a little progress consistently adds up over time. Dawn has since joined the Sunday Basket Certified Workshop Organizer Program, and is planning to pursue her passion of helping others through those same ups and downs.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Dawn! You are an inspiration!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in crisis or feel that you are suffering from depression, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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