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Annual Income & Expense Binder

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This binder is specifically designed for U.S. entrepreneurs to organize supporting documentation for Schedule C itemized deductions for use by their accountant, or if needed to substantiate deductions when audited. Read more below.


The Annual Income and Expense Binder is designed to house all your tax documentation by month.

It has been set up to correspond with the IRS categories used for business expenses. Perfect for tax time! 

This product includes:

  • One 2" D Ring ONE Touch Deluxe Binder with Green Lattice design
  • 3 sets of green slash pockets (15 total)
  • Monthly labels for the slash pockets 
  • Full color printables included:
    • Profit and Loss Statement
    • Monthly Income Tracker
    • Monthly Expense Tracker
    • Monthly Mileage Tracker

Anyone who claims a “business” on their tax return will categorize their expenses per the IRS guidelines for a Schedule C. Business expenses are categorized on your tax return to take a deduction from the income you generate in your business, reducing the taxes owed on your income. 

Schedule C businesses include: entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, anyone in a direct sales company, or anyone who receives a 1099 (contractors or affiliates of companies).  If you only have income from a W-2, you will not need this binder.

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Sarah -
I love this binder. All the pages make me really process all my monthly receipts so that I can see the big picture. I am very thankful for this complete system that is keeping my business receipts organized.
Sharon -
I know this binder is supposed to be for tax purposes, but I bought it for the purpose of being the home for ALL my receipts, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I just got it in the mail today! All the items I had ordered were packaged beautifully by Brayden (ty Brayden!). I quickly assembled the Annual Income and Expense Binder and was super excited to put 2 receipts in the July slash pocket! I have been using a green slash pocket in my car for receipts, but I empty it out every month and have been losing the receipts I want to keep after that. I can already tell this will be a game changer for sure! I know it may seem silly, but it really does make a difference to have a beautiful, well made product that gets you excited to use it! No more lost receipts ever!😄 Thank you so much Lisa and the O365 team! I can't stop smiling!! (Plus green is my favorite color so that's an extra bonus!😉)