Organize 365 Home Based Business Planner

Home Based Business PlannerThe key to having a successful Home Based Business is in creating duplicable, organized systems and building a referral network. Anyone can “fly by the seat of their pants” for a while… but if you want to build a solid, long-lasting, sustainable business, it takes planning, organization and systematic follow-up.

Organize 365 Home Based Business Planner


This is NOT JUST ANOTHER PLANNER! Let’s take a look inside.

Frequently Called Numbers and Passwords: Keep track of all your regularly used website codes here.

Pages Included Each Month:

  • Monthly Calendar: I have actually made the transition to a Google Calendar and love it, BUT the paper calendar is great for booking at a client’s home, and for planning my blog posts, social media and speaking events. At the end of each week, log your income and your mileage. You’ll thank me next January!
  • Goals, Hours & Income: How much money do you want to have each month? Track all of your income here. As your business grows and you step into your brand, other income opportunities will present themselves: ads on your blog, sponsored posts, affiliate sales, eBook sales and speaking engagements. Don’t forget to set your business hours! These can vary week to week or month to month, but you have to SET them.
  • Master To-Do List: From re-caulking the shower to ordering organizational supplies, when you think of it, write it down. At the end of the month, rewrite what has yet to be done at the top of the next month’s To-Do list.
  • To-Buy List: I currently need bleach, nail polish remover and cranberry juice. I would never remember that at the store. I am also low on printer ink. Don’t write on a Post-It note; write it here.
  • Blog Post/ Business Ideas: I am constantly getting ideas. Here is a place to write them down each month. **If you don’t implement the ideas this year, refer back to your planner next year in the same month for more business ideas!
  • Affiliate Partnership Opportunities: A vibrant business involves networking and cross promotion. The Professional Organizers Think Tank is ALL about connecting and growing.
  • Business Expenses: Track your expenses monthly. This will help you next year when you need to renew an annual membership. It will also help you notice trends in your business expenses.
  • *Event Tracking: Once you book a job or an event – like speaking, write the pertinent information in the corresponding month. This tracker will work for any event: speaking, vendor fair, fundraiser, etc.
  • End of the Month Checklist: All those pesky little items that you try to remember to do each month. Start on the 25th of the month start tackling this monthly checklist!

Weekly Calendar:
Week-at-a-glance: In my 15 year direct sales career, I never found the “perfect balance” of work – family – play. But, I did find a good “mix.” These weekly pages are divided into 1/3 planning, 1/3 business and 1/3 home, because while we don’t “do it all,” it does all have to get done! I have added a few basic checklist items to keep the laundry, clutter and menu planning forefront in your memory while you pursue your passions.

Reference Pages:
Blog Posts: Keep track of your blog posts here – you’ll thank me later!
Leads: Use these pages to track your first few contacts with each person before you move their information into your formal Contact Management Software.

Home Based Business Planner

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