Organizing the WHOLE House.

I know you want the WHOLE house organized lickety split, but you didn't get into this mess overnight and it will take more than a week to get you organized.

40 weeks to be exact. :)

Following the natural rhythm of the school year, the 40 Weeks 1 WHOLE House Challenge will guide you every step of the way as you reclaim your home.

Looking for a faster solution?

The NEW Get Your Home Organized in 100 Days Program is a day by day virtual coaching program to help you get your WHOLE house organized in 100 days.

The Sunday Basket is my solution to that overwhelming, never ending flood of papers & mail that piles up and cascades down your kitchen counters.

The Sunday Basket System will corral those papers once and for all. And through the Sunday Basket, I will teach you the skills of organization. AKA - Organization 101

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Organization is NOT something you are "born with." It is a skill that can be taught. It's not about cute containers, daily checklists and a one-size-fits-all solution.

It's about YOU.
How YOU think about your things.
Where YOU are in your stage of life.
And how ready YOU are to change.

The Organize 365 Podcast is my way to share my LOVE of organization with you in a practical, non-judgemental and motivational way.

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