506 – Lisa’s Executive Function Profile

Lisa's executive function profile
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506 - Lisa's Executive Function Profile

This month I’ve been exploring the topic of ADHD and more specifically, discovering if I have ADHD.

Last week, I shared my journey to reach the point of deciding to be tested for ADHD. First I took the assessment from ADHD Online and was told that I DO have a medical ADHD diagnosis.

In this episode, I’m talking with my friend Barbara Hunter about whether she thinks I have ADHD… or not. She gave me The BRIEF-A to make her determination. This is the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function® Adult Version.

The BRIEF-A is given in three parts: I took the assessment. Then both my husband, Greg, and my chief of staff, Stephanie, took the assessment to give their perspective on me.

Barbara walked through the sections of the test with me to explain what the various sections mean and my results compared to Greg and Stephanie’s opinions of me, as well as ways to improve my executive functioning in some areas.

The final result? According to The BRIEF-A, Barbara says that this current assessment of my executive function says that I do NOT have ADHD.

So, where do I go from here? I contacted a doctor in the Cincinnati area to do more testing so I can definitively find out if I have ADHD or not. More to come!

Looking for more information on ADHD and Organization? Start with my book, How ADHD Affects Home Organization. It’s available for free as an audiobook on the ADHD Playlist!

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