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484 – Organizing Storage Spaces

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
484 - Organizing Storage Spaces

In this podcast series, I have talked with you about organizing your personal spaces and then about organizing your family and communal spaces. Now, we’re ready to move into your storage spaces.

Storage spaces are not easy to organize, but once you set your mind to it, they can be maintained for the rest of your life! Really, they can! Whether it is your attic, basement, or an off-site storage unit, once you have a system in place, this storage space can stay organized for decades.

First, you need to understand that there are three types of storage spaces: One type includes the transient spaces like your laundry room and garage. These are the places for things that are on their way in or out of your home. The second type of storage is the temporary place where you keep things for a garage sale or online sales when you’re digging deep and taking back your home. I used my basement as a place to keep these kinds of things when I first created and was living through the legacy 100-Day Home Organization Program. (If you’re going to do a garage sale, be sure to set a date for that sale and take anything left over to a donation station right away afterward.) I share my whole story in Organization is a Learnable Skill. The third storage space is long-term storage. This is the space where once you have a system in place it can stay organized for years.

With the exception of some transient storage spaces, your storage space is generally a hidden area of organization. People don’t see these spaces so we tend to put off organizing them.

What I want you to understand is the mindset of organizing a storage space. You must start thinking of it as a store. It is your on-demand, already paid-for store, where you’re storing things for when you need them.

In this episode, I share with you about creating a storage mindset, what kinds of things you might find in your storage space, and how to group those items. I also talk about why you might consider tackling your storage space BEFORE the rest of your home.

Ready to organize your storage space? You’ll find more detailed guidance for organizing your storage space in  The Productive Home Solution™.

What do you keep in your storage spaces? What have you been holding onto in your storage space that really needs to go?

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