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483 – Organizing Family & Communal Spaces

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
483 - Organizing Family & Communal Spaces

This week we are moving from personal organization to the next area of organization: family and communal spaces.

These are the areas you will want to organize first because people see them when they come into your home, but they are the hardest areas to organize and maintain. I know, there can be judgment anxiety over these spaces. There is also a tension between wanting these spaces to look good and also being able to live in them comfortably.

In our research study, we found that only 14% of people say that they have their family and communal spaces organiz

  1. Why is this? Well… How often have you spent so much time cleaning and organizing just to turn around and find that space trashed again? I’m sure you’ve been through these seasons or you might be living in one of those seasons right now! Sometimes, it’s like shoveling snow in a snowstorm!

As you can see, family and communal spaces are hard and that’s why I recommend that you start by organizing your personal spaces. Build your organizational muscles and habits there first. When you do get to the family and communal spaces, start with your kitchen. You’ll feel a difference when you know where everything is in your kitchen and when you know that everything in there is purposeful. After the kitchen, move on to your other shared spaces: the family room, communal bathrooms, dining room, front hall closet, and cleaning supplies.

Listen to this episode for more encouragement and inspiration for tackling the organization of these hard-to-organize family and communal spaces.

What makes these family and communal spaces so hard for you to organize and maintain? Do you have toddlers? Teens? Lack of time? Too much stuff?

Ready to get these family and communal spaces organized? Learn more about The Productive Home Solution™ and how the program can help you reach that goal.

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