10 Steps to Organized Paper

10 Steps To Organized Paper eBook

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Can you imagine being able to find ANY piece of paper in your house anytime you needed it?

10 Steps to Organized Paper will motivate, encourage and walk with you step by step while you turn your mountains of paper into organized systems.

I am an organized person whose busy and full life leaves little time to devote to maintaining systems.

Last summer I bit the bullet and gutted all my paper systems. Purging pounds of paper felt great, but the real freedom was in knowing where my papers were when I needed them.

Having helped many other people organize their homes, I set out to write a book that would read as if I were right beside you helping you organize your paper.

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For less than $4 you can have a Professional Organizer walk you step by step through creating systems that work to organize all the paper in your house.


Can you relate to any of these?

“My dining room table is over flowing with papers. We can’t even sit down and have a meal at it anymore.”

 “I shuffle papers from the counter, to the table, to the bookshelf! It drives me CRAZY! HELP!!!!!!!”

“It looks like my desk exploded.”

“My paperwork is scary messy and all over the place. When I need to find something, it’s all about the panic.”

“My current system… a box I shove things into hoping to get organized “someday.” And when that box gets full, well, there are always more boxes! :)”

“Between the kids’ school papers, mail, and work papers I feel like I’m being buried in an avalanche most days.”

“I have papers everywhere, we lose things constantly. I’m surprised I can function at all!!! Please help!

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10 Steps to Organized Paper tackles reference paper, active files and daily files.

The Active Files are the files you use weekly or monthly like current tax files and school directories. This is your “filing cabinet”. The trick is to keep just a few categories in this filing system {Shoot for 10-20} and do not OVERFILE.

Daily Files are the types of paper you touch everyday. These files are best suited to stay on top of your kitchen counter.

In the typical family home, files are in the basement and piles of paper are in the bedrooms, family room and kitchen.

Few homes actually have a home office where paperwork is done. Even people who work from home go through their kid’s papers, mail and bills… in the kitchen.

So why are we fighting that? Once I embraced that the kitchen really was paperwork ground zero, I was able to create systems that actually worked to house my paper.

Get your paper organized today!

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PS – Are you looking to get ALL your papers organized? This book is also part of my larger physical paper organization package:
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