10 Wildtree Freezer Meals

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

Have I mentioned before I am a terrible cook? It’s true.

The greatest success I have had with getting dinner on the table is when I trick myself into thinking I am doing an organizational project with my food.

Let me explain. Back when my kiddos were babies, the last thing I wanted to do during nap time was cook! SO, to be able to use that time for my home based business, I would make multiple freezer meals and casseroles on the weekend.

And because I always have to be multitasking, I found other friends who also wanted to have meals ready to go in their fridge. Together we would each bring the ingredients for 4 batches of 2 recipes. After chopping and mixing together, we all left with 8 meals for our fridge.

I’m not sure why, but after a few “sessions,” we would stop and I would go back into my Stouffer’s orange box rut.

A few years later, a few friends and I went to Dream Dinners and made meals about every 8 weeks for years.

Our budget crumbled and I stopped doing that. Mind you, I think I spent more money NOT doing Dream Dinners….

The kids were picky and the $200+ price tag on the complete meals made me stop.

Eventually, hubby started cooking. And that is truly divine! However, I NEED to help out more. SO, once again I turned to my favorite meal planning tool – freezer meals.


I think my Wildtree rep, Gretchen, about fell over when I booked my workshop. I have helped her organize her office and spoken to the area Wildtree reps about organizing their businesses. So we know each other well.

And she knows how much I am not a cook nor do I want to be. So here’s all about Wildtree in her words:

Introduce yourself to a new way to plan and prep dinner! Many of us would love to make some major changes to the way we eat (‘real food’ vs processed) and on top of busy schedules (kids activities, work, etc.), it’s near impossible some days to provide a yummy, healthy, homemade dinner. Meet Wildtree!
Wildtree is your source for all-natural, non-GMO, organic products that make meal time quick, simple, healthy, and….yes….delicious. Sound too good to be true? Eating healthy does not have to be costly or difficult! Whether you’re looking for new dinner ideas, ways to eat healthier, or simply want to solve the “What’s for Dinner?” dilemma, you’ll be thrilled to discover Wildtree’s way of cooking. Wildtree offers two options for you: (1.) an in-home Tasting where you can learn how to plan healthy, simple dinners and taste a variety of the products, or (2.) jump right in with a Freezer Meal Workshop where you use our products to assemble 10 yummy meals to take home and store in your freezer for those ever-busy nights.
Wildtree has a great variety of products to choose from, enticing any pallet. Personal favorites include the Alfredo Extraordinaire, Rancher Steak Rub, Tortilla Soup, Outrageous Orange Sauce, Opa Greek Seasoning, and, of course, our Grapeseed Oils. Grapeseed Oil is a Wildtree signature product: (1.) It’s good for you (reduces cholesterol, has the lowest level of saturated fats of all oils, easily digestible, contains antioxidants); (2.) tolerates high heat without burning (up to 419 degrees); (3.) a variety of amazing infused flavors to enhance your cooking! 


My friend Vanessa and I co-hosted the event and had 9 people making meals in my kitchen. It was hoppin’!

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

Here’s how it works. To start, you buy a Wildtree “bundle” that has the ingredients you will need for the 10 meals you will be making. The Bundles are $75.

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

Then, before the event you have a list of “proteins” to buy.

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

Mine totaled $85, but I bought an extra package of chicken ($13) to make chicken for tacos. I also bought everyone’s eggs as well as a container of sour cream to make a dip to share. If the event had not been at MY house, my total would have been $65

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

Next, I sliced my peppers, limes and celery for the meals. I only needed the chopped celery, but I went ahead and cut up the rest of the celery for my PB and celery snacks for the week.

I bought my onions already diced (You would save another $3-4 if you do that yourself).

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365


10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365


10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

Gretchen did a great job of explaining why Wildtree products are great.

She also showed us how much she made at our event. As a direct sales guru I LOVED this! I thought it was great marketing AND guess what – a day later one of my friends became a rep and a second is thinking about it…

Organize 365

If you are thinking about being a Wildtree rep I can attest that Gretchen is an awesome consultant and upline!

Then, we got mixing! Here’s my friend Sheryl mixing up the eggs for her meatloaf.

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

I made 2 small meatloaves instead of 1 large one. I also bought 2 pounds of shrimp instead of 1- 1 1/2 pounds because I wanted to double that recipe too.

Other than wanting to help hubby with the dinners around here, I want to be able to send my in-laws nice meals to eat. I wish I had the time to do more for them, but this will allow me to be a help with a delicious meal.

Also, I know my kids will balk at some of the meals. Honestly, I don’t think there is a meal we made they both like. So, these meals are for hubby and me. They are to give him some margin in his dinner duties and spice up our dinner palette.

We don’t eat them every night, but I think we will eat 3 a week. Each meal is about $12 since I divided some. The KFC we ate tonight was $18.

I am going to a friend’s party in a few weeks AND having another one of my own at 10 am on October 7. Check it out here and join me!

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

How do I store all those meals?

Well, that was a conundrum. Our extra freezer bit the dust this summer and we had to figure out how to dispose of a broken freezer.

THEN, I had to figure out how to make this puny freezer fit all our food. I figured I would not be able to stockpile any freezer deals.

After trying a few different ideas – this is what I came up with.

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365


We like frozen c.r.a.p. Sorry, but we do. So chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, buffalo bites and chicken fries are not something we can run out of, and they are not cheap so I like to buy them on sale or with a coupon.

I had these Crate and Barrel containers holding pasta we didn’t use for years. So I pitched the $4 worth of pasta that was in them and used the containers in the freezer.

The best part is that the bags behind these containers are extra. I have about 2 refill bags of each creating a pantry on my shelf!

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365

This small shelf has 16 meals on it! My freezer meals are stacked 2 deep in a small section.

The top shelf has 2 breakfast bins and hash browns easily accessible at 6 am. FYI, I am an amazing morning chef!

I’ll tell you all about that another day!

The bottom of the freezer is still a hot mess, but at least I am making progress!

Do you menu plan? DO you make meals ahead or make freezer meals? Share your tips with us in the comments!

10 Wildtree Freezer Meals | Organize 365




  1. Janet says

    On your plastic freezer containers of c.r.a.p. is the 400 for 11 to 13 on the chicken fries the calories and serving size?

    In my area my electric co just included an insert that they will pay you to take you old 10-30 cubic ft refrigerator or freezer as they want people to buy newer more energy efficient ones http://www.peco.com/smartideas or 1-888-573-2672

    • says

      :) Janet – NO, but that’s funny! It is the temperature for the oven and how long to cook them. :)
      After posting about how to dispose of your freezer I found out that the parts of the freezer are worth money! We put ours on the curb and withing 30 minutes a guy with a truck was disassembling it on the spot. (Which I also found out was illegal). He said he makes $3500 a WEEK doing it!

  2. Gretchen says

    Janet, most of us (Wildtree Reps) do the Freezer Meal Workshops. I don’t know of any who DO NOT do the workshops. The concept has been wildly popular and people are loving the time and stress-saver of having healthy meals on hand. I even do out-of-town workshops for those who are not local to me! As for your kitchen, you would be surprised by how creative we can be with space. I, and some of my hostesses, have even set up folding tables to make it work.


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