17 years – A Brand New Company

17 years - A Brand New Company | Organize 365

Over the past 12 months, I have been completely OUT of direct sales. To be honest – it’s kinda weird.

I just LOVE direct sales. I can find a company to match anyone’s passions. I love brainstorming ideas with consultants to breathe new life into their businesses and help them create their own brand within their chosen company.

I am such a black and white person. All or nothing. I don’t know how to do something as a “hobby.” Every blog and business I have started was to be a FULLtime job.

For the last 6 months, I have been asking myself… why am I NOT selling … this product.

Here are my thoughts.

#1 I can’t be in direct sales and help women in other companies.

I stepped completely OUT of direct sales so that I could help women in other companies find their brand, build their business or pick the company that is best for them.

I figured if I sold something, I would be biased. I know that is true, but with 17 years of experience and having been in 5 different companies, I know that one company doesn’t fit everyone’s needs.

I really pressed into this thought. IF I sell a product, would I tell people to join a DIFFERENT company if that was better for them.

Yes, I would and I actually have many times.

#2 I can’t be in a direct sales company and sell other products. 

When I first started on my direct sales journey in 1997, I thought every other product on the market was inferior to the one I sold.

A couple of things have changed. With the rise of the internet, product quality has risen substantially. Products are just better all around now. In addition, I just don’t think one company has the “only” solution for anything.

When it comes right down to it, I have talked many loyal customers OUT of ordering from me on many occasions. I want the product to fit the need. I don’t want customers to buy something just to make a sale.

So, I know I will only represent the products I love, use and find will be useful to my clients.

#3 I can’t train other direct sales leaders if I am a consultant for a company. 

This is the big one. I LOVE teaching and training…so much that I gave up direct sales to do it. And then I noticed… where I was speaking, other consultants from other companies were speaking, too.

So, I contacted my up coming event coordinators and said, “Hey if I become an XYZ consultant, may I still speak at your event?”



#4 Why am I NOT in direct sales?

Since I preach that everyone should have a direct sales even if it is just on the side, I am being asked more and more often -then where is yours?

Yeah – why am I not?

#5 Can I be in IN direct sales AND build Organize 365?

So, this was the biggie. I LOVE my blog, professional organization business and coaching. Honestly, my days are filled to overflowing, and I love it. But I know how much time I put into direct sales… A LOT. Could I do it part time?

This all came to a head this month when I was looking at my future blog posts, opportunities and goals.

I guess we’ll see because I am now a…

I’ll tell you tomorrow – leave a comment if you think you know what company I signed up with!


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