31 Vary You Wristlet

31 Vary You Wristlet | Organize 365

Oh, I’m in love… A few years ago, I wrote a post about my favorite wristlet, and then Thirty One stopped making that one. I have tried many others, but none met my needs.

I like to cram a LOT in a wristlet!I kept checking out the Vary You Wristlet, but wasn’t sure I would like ALL those pockets.

Well, I do… A LOT!!

31 Vary You Wristlet | Organize 365

Here is an aerial view. The Vary You Wristlet is divided into 3 sections. When you unzip the first zipper, the smaller inner pocket can still be zipped closed.

Starting with the pocket on the top:

31 Vary You Wristlet | Organize 365

I keep all my frequently used credit cards, a pen and cash in the top pocket.

31 Vary You Wristlet | Organize 365

In the middle zipped up pocket, I keep less frequently used cards and medicine.

The little pill bags are sold where you buy weekly pill dispensers in the pharmacy. I have one for migraine medicine, one for Advil and one for allergy medicines.

The cute little pill container holds one dose of daily meds for each my kiddos in case we forget to take them in the morning or stay out late. The case came out of my In a Pikle.

31 Vary You Wristlet | Organize 365

The last pocket has my square card reader, lip gloss, license and ear buds for all the walking I’m doing.

AND!!!… I was playing around and noticed that in between each pocket is a POCKET!!!

 31 Vary You Wristlet | Organize 365

So now I can keep my kids’ spending money separated in my wallet! I am SO happy to have found a wristlet that I love again!

Here is a list and pictures of the current patterns available for both Vary You Wristlet.vary-you-wristlet - NO PRICE


The pictures that you’re seeing on Pinterest and in this post may not be current patterns that are available.
You can order your own Vary You Wristlet and other accessory bags right from my online store. Just enter it as a retail order, and it will ship right out to you. Thanks!!
Do you love Thirty One, too? I have been a leader in direct sales for over 17 years. Crazy, I know, but I am starting over and building a 31 team. I would love to grow our businesses together! You can join my team through the company website or contact me and I will give you a call to see if 31 and my leadership style are a good fit for us both!
Do you have a wristlet you love? 


  1. Kelly F says

    I also just started using this wristlet after wondering about it for several months. I love it! I am a small purse girl and can actually get everything I carried in this, and can drop it down into a purse if I need a little more space.

    • says


      I am NOT a small purse girl, but I have really fallen in love with this one! I just figured out yesterday that instead of putting money in those side pockets I can put gum in one and a small nail file in the other!

  2. Michelle Humphries says

    I’m just wondering what are the dimentions of this wristlet? Is this big enough for the Samsung S-5 to fit in? I have so many 31 bags. I love them. I’m still getting new bags all the time.


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