40 Days ~ 1 Whole House – Days 26 and 27 The Kids’ Bedrooms

I spend a ton of time maintaining my kiddos’ rooms. Once I  fall behind, it takes forever to get caught back up!

Since it has been SO unseasonably warm in Cincinnati, we have already changed the kids’ clothing over to spring. Fortunately, it seems we will be able to make it to summer without having to do too much clothing shopping.

Lizzie’s room {with weekly help from mom} has stayed fairly organized. A few weeks ago, we did a complete PURGE. She’s getting really good at letting papers and old toys go when her room gets too full.

Last summer, I transformed her room with these Ikea bookshelves.

Job’s room received a new bookshelf, too, but it seems so chaotic.

After an hour at IKEA, moving their display boxes from one room to another. I brought home a bunch of new boxes.

I originally went to IKEA to buy drawers for his cube system, but one set of 2 smallish drawers was $35. Since we have virtually NO extra cash, I hunted and came home with everything for $34.

The key to buying new bins is to know what you are storing. As I was evaluating boxes, I was thinking about Job’s collections and their volume. I knew baseball cards needed something large and Yu Gi Oh cards could be housed in something smaller.

I needed boxes that would stack and boxes where the lids could be off and “stuff” could hang out.

How do you think I did?

Share your kid’s bedroom organization ideas!!

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  1. Sharon says

    That’s amazing that you were able to get all those boxes for less than the price of two of the small drawers! Well done! And the shelf looks much better.


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