It’s time to de-clutter!

It's Time to De-Clutter! | Organize365

Yesterday, I posed the question to you about what stage of organization (or disorganization) your home was in.

The 3 Stages of Home Organization are:

  1. Overwhelmed
  2. Looking for Systems & Routines
  3. Maintenance & Repair

In every one of these stages, the end goal is to reduce clutter and get down to what you want and need to organize.

So let’s take a look at what clutter is…

Clutter is “extras.”

  • Extra party favors
  • Extra food (you no longer like)
  • Extra clothes you don’t wear
  • Extra guilt

It is so easy in our American culture to have and want MORE, but you actually can feel more freedom with LESS.

  • Less to clean
  • Less to fix
  • Less to maintain
  • Less to inventory

Why is it so hard for us to get rid of our excess?

  • The worry that you may “need” this one day.
  • The frustration that this object cost money that you worked hard to earn and the desire to have someone pay for that item instead of donating it.
  • Worry that family members and friends will notice if you give something away.
  • What if… What if… What if…

What IF decluttering gave you

  • Extra time
  • Extra money
  • Extra freedom
  • Extra peace?

This week, I encourage you each day to grab a trash bag and go from room to room in your house gathering items that you know you can part with. We will go through each item in each room later. For now, just scan the room and grab obvious donations or trash.

I found:

  • shoes that were too small
  • old party favors
  • a candle I can’t burn (migraines from the scent)
  • a doll our daughter no longer wants
  • a few extra food items
  • an old car rug to drive matchbox cars on
  • an old bookcase and a few plastic drawer sets

Some of these items I donated to Goodwill; some were given away to friend who needed them.

You can easily fill a bag in 15 minutes. Do this each day and it will be so much easier to organize what you have left in each room!

I shared how to do just that on Living Dayton.

It's time to declutter! | Organize 365

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