Are You Ready for a Snow Day?

Are you ready for a snow day? Here are some ideas for snow day preparation!

If you are in Cincinnati, you may not be thinking about snow with the very mild December we just had.


Don’t get caught off guard this winter when the temperatures drop and the schools close.

Let’s get organized now to deal with a last minute school closing later.
#1 Prepare for a real emergency.
I grew up in the Akron-Cleveland area. The only way we got a snow day was for the snow to start falling after 3 am at a steady rate; otherwise, the plows could keep up and the buses were at the bus stop on time.
My first Christmas in Cincinnati was hysterical. At the first mention of snow, the bread and milk would be gone from the grocery shelves and everyone would leave work early.
Then the white flakes fell from the sky. Schools would close before the first flake hit the ground. I was in shock.
In Cincinnati’s defense, they get snow with ICE. I didn’t have a lot of ice in Akron. And there just aren’t as many plows or resources for snow here in the “south.”
I generally try to keep enough paper products, medicine, liquids, and food for a week in my house at all times. I fill our weekly prescription boxes one week at a time so I know in advance what to reorder.
Are you ready for a snow day? Here are some ideas for snow day preparation!
#2 Who will stay home with the kids?
I have to say, the 18 months I worked full-time outside the home were very stressful. Being a teacher myself, I had to get to school if we were open even if my kids’ schools were closed.
It was actually harder for me if we had a delay than an all out day off of school. I could get the kids to a sitter, but she couldn’t get them to school a few hours later.
I work more than full-time from home, but I am always quick to offer to drive carpool or pick up my working-away-from-home friend’s children since I have the flexibility.
Early morning texting is the best way for many moms to communicate without waking up the whole house.
#3 What will you do?
My son will gladly spend his whole snow day online with his friends, minus the time to shovel the driveway.
My daughter, however, is a people person. And I am the people she has on a snow day.
I will often look at my work list and whittle it down to what HAS to happen, and then make a plan for Abby… giving her some time, and then taking some time for work.
Are you ready for a snow day? Here are some ideas for snow day preparation!
#4 Snow gear organization.
Since my kiddos are in middle school and high school and their feet are bigger than mine, I decided NOT to buy snow boots. They do not need them except for in our yard on a snow day.
Joey can wear Greg’s to shovel the driveway, and Abby can wear ski socks in her rain boots. She has been out in the snow 2 different days for an hour each time and says her toes are toasty.
My neighbor used to tie plastic grocery bags over her kids’ tennis shoes and send them out.
I do have a set of snow pants for each child, as well as gloves. Joey just put on all his skiing gear when I sent him out to shovel the driveway!
Goggles are expensive, but if you find some on sale or being given away, they will keep your kids outside SO much longer!
Have a DROP zone where all the wet stuff comes off and get your dryer emptied for the wet clothing parade.
Heather from Heather Jane Design shared this amazing solution in the Organize 365 Facebook group and I just HAD to add it to this post!!
My idea was born out of necessity to have a spot for the kids to put wet items right by the door where they can take them off right there and not need to walk anywhere in their wet boots. I need a way for them to be in one place, and for that place to be able to accommodate dripping wet snow logged items. Now when they ask me where their gloves are I ask them to check “the mitten dryer” and there they are! It’s been so nice. – Heather
Are you ready for a snow day? Here are some ideas for snow day preparation!
#5 What else will THEY do?
STOCK UP NOW on cute clearance snowman themed paper plates and little crafts from Christmas.
What? You are an organizer and you are telling me to go buy paper and plastic riff-raff?
Of course! Do you need it? No. But how awesome will it be when the next day off from school happens and you whip out snowman treat bags to fill with snack mix or pull out a Christmas-y craft to do in this winter wonderland?
Especially awesome if you got that cuteness for fifty percent off!
The key? Just keep ONE box for such a purpose. If you find some cute thing that would be welcomed during a snow day, throw it in your snow day box.
It might even be a great place to stash that last box of candy canes. Nobody needs them now, but they would be awesome to stick in the cocoa when the snow comes calling again.
And then look like you planned it just this way. Why, yes, I DID organize this weather for you!
So, what do you do on a snow day?


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