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Today, I was featured in The Courier in Findley, Ohio. {Originally published in 2012}

What to toss, what to keep?


Letters, diaries, photographs and other personal papers can have immense sentimental value, but it’s important to know how to organize them so you can find what you need.

Beyond sentimental value, these items are also important for research purposes.

Here is a picture of the letter Sara referenced in the article.


This letter was written 72 years ago. 72 years ago! Both the author and addressee have long passed away, but  the letter lives on. This is a letter from my great grandfather to my grandfather.

This letter is so powerful. So I will share it with you. Maybe you’ll write one for a special family member of yours…

Written Monday, September 9, 1940 From Owen A Kelly Senior to Owen A Kelly Jr on his first day of college at John Carroll University.

My Dear Son Owen,

This first day of your college experience marks your stop upon the threshold of your manhood. I am more proud of you than it is possible for me to convey! Proud of your splendid record to date, or your fine humanity, your clean life and the fact that you have chosen John Carroll University.

I am satisfied that your record to date is an indication of nobler and more honorable accomplishments to follow.

My advise, “which I offer as a suggestion” is – be democratic – avoid snobs – do not be snobbish yourself. The classification of man is his character not his possessions or lack of them. Be generous, but not foolish.

Avoid excess in all things. Enter freely into the social life but prove your mental strength by refusing any temptation of overindulgence. As you know I have implicit faith in your ability to make your own decisions.

It is better for a young man of eighteen to think things out by himself and not be influenced by mass psychology. Your conclusions regarding many things may differ from mine when you have reached a mature age. If they do I shall be as happy as they agreed as I am sure they represent your own analysis and inquiry.

I have thought of writing this letter for a long time and I pray God that the tie that binds us shall be strengthened by the great hope that I have in you and the great love and appreciation I have for you.

– Dad.

Over this holiday season take an hour and write a letter to someone you love. Maybe your letter will touch generations you will never meet like this one has touched ours.

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