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Megan Carey


Megan Carey

Organizing Expert Directory Listings

Until recently, I believed that filing cabinets were my best friends.  I could open up my drawers and see everything neatly tucked into a nicely labeled folder.  What I didn’t see was the stacks and stacks of papers from cars, houses, and appliances that I hadn’t owned in years.   Then it hit me…….being organized doesn’t mean that I am being productive in my life.  Enter Organize 365!  The words that stuck with me when I first became a fan of Lisa (aren’t we all?!?) was that she continued to use the phrase, “So you can do what you are uniquely created to do” when referring to the importance of becoming organized.  I believe that with all my heart!  We are all uniquely created to do something in our life.

So this is what I want to help you achieve in your life:  Productivity!!  So you will then have more time to do the things that you want and were meant to do in this life.   Years of being a social worker and having a masters in counseling have taught me how to help people work through some tough times.  Organizing your life and especially going through all the paper in your home will bring up different emotions but we will walk through it together and have so much fun doing it!  It may not be easy at times, but it will be worth your time and effort you put into it.

I can’t wait to start on your journey with you.  Check out No More Mess in Mesa’s upcoming classes involving ways to organize paper in all different aspects of your life!

Specialization:  Sunday Baskets® and Home Operational Binder



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