Amy Novick

Schaumburg, Illinois

As a mother, teacher, professional, homeowner, and volunteer, I know how important it is for my paper, home and digital worlds to be organized in order to keep up with all of the schedules, deadlines, paperwork, projects, and holidays. I have tried various systems of lists and reminders over the years, but The Sunday Basket has provided the structure and routine that I need to ensure each week goes smoothly. It contains my papers, keeps me on track, helps me identify and focus on my priorities, and keeps my papers accessible when I need them. I have seen the benefits myself, and am passionate about helping others clear their clutter, care for what remains and find the space and time to enjoy their lives.

Specializing in: Entrepreneurial Workbox, Warrior Mama Binder

Amy is endorsed by Organize 365 as a Complete All Paper Organizer. She is trained to assist others (in their home or hers) to process through the contents of a filing cabinet and keep, shred or recycle the contents per the homeowner's wishes. You can learn more about her services by clicking on her website.

Sandy Oberweiser

Clarksville, Ohio

In 2017 I attended a Sunday Basket® Workshop taught by a friend on a whim. At the time all aspects of my life were in some level of chaos. I had so many random “filing” systems in place and none of them really worked together. Things fell through the cracks. Appointments were missed. Deadlines were not met. During the workshop I learned how to sort paper into actionable items. I also had a place to hold anything that could wait. I learned how to schedule my time efficiently. Everything had a safe place in my Sunday Basket®. By the end of that workshop I felt confident I could implement what I had learned. I finally had control over an important part of my life. I want to help other people like me simplify at least one part of their life. The Sunday Basket® System has brought me more time, money and reduced my stress and worry over so many things. I would love to help you simplify your paper and streamline your routine.

Kymberlie Pankl

Des Moines, Iowa

Hello Des Moines, Iowa! I am Kymberlie Pankl and owner of 5F Solutions. The Sunday Basket is a game changer. We at 5F Solutions totally know how hard organizing your home, work and papers can be. Now being Sunday Basket certified I look forward to sharing this sustainable system with you. It is so trainable sometimes the kids might remind you “ that, should go in the Sunday Basket” or “It’s time to do the Sunday Basket”. I know this because I have heard it in my home. Where was this when I was full time dual military and had 6 kids in a blended family? I look forward to teaching you one on one or in a group setting. Lisa’s Sunday Basket system is too good to keep it a secret. Reach out to us because we have Faith that through organization you can have the Freedom to have space for Family and Friends while having Fun.

Melissa Pany

Northampton, Pennsylvania

Hi, I’m Melissa and I live in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. Currently, my husband and I are empty-nesters as our three children have already graduated from college and live in different states.

Even though I have always been very organized in most aspects of my life, I still felt the need to “tweak” my systems to make improvements from time to time. I hoped the Sunday Basket would fix this problem for me, and it absolutely has! Whether you keep your paper in piles or files, already organized or not, I honestly believe that EVERY person needs a Sunday Basket asap. Every time an actionable item comes into my house it goes right into the Sunday Basket. Imagine never having to stress or worry about where your important papers and “to-do” items are until you need them. I really look forward to Sunday mornings when I sit down with my coffee, sort through everything in the basket, and plan my week. I haven’t lost an important piece of paper in months - and I absolutely love that!

I am so excited to help you make this incredible system really work for you and your family. Please check my website ( to find upcoming dates for virtual workshops and physical workshops in my local area as well as the King of Prussia/Philadelphia area. I can’t wait to help you transform your life with this remarkable and life-changing system!

Holly Perez

Portland, Oregon
I am certified as a Complete All Paper Organizer and I love big purges of unnecessary paper. I have a full corporate career in Finance, a little family, and several passion projects. I spent lots of time and money figuring out the sweet spot for personal productivity before finding Lisa's life-changing systems. I particularly love the huge impact of working the Sunday Basket, Financial Binder, and Corporate Workbox in tandem--they keep me calm and stress-free, so I have enjoyed getting to help others make the same impact on their lives. I offer one-on-one and group workshops that have helped many women who, like me, have a lot going on.  Let's "keep calm and get stuff done!"
Specializing in: Corporate Workbox, Financial Binder

Lisa Piana

Mission Viejo, California

Hey there Mama!  I’m Lisa, and I specialize in organizing solutions for Moms with ADHD.  The Sunday Basket is not just a tool for organizing your papers it’s also a container and organizer for all of the ideas, thoughts, and “to-dos'' that are bouncing around like popcorn in your head.  The Sunday Basket is your external brain!  As a mom with ADHD myself, I can tell you The Sunday Basket is a lifesaver.  I am no longer living in “crisis mode” - no more missed bills, lost forms, or forgotten ideas!

I host Sunday Basket workshops specifically for moms with ADHD.  You will learn how to set up your Sunday Basket and use this fabulous tool to reduce decision fatigue, prioritize your tasks, and plan your week in a way that works for your unique brain!

Schedule your workshop by clicking the “View Website” button below. I can’t wait to meet you!

D'Aun Reckling

Fort Worth, Texas

Is your idea of paper organizing a pile at the end of your kitchen counter or on your office desk? Do you find yourself frustrated and wasting time looking for that “one” piece of paper? I can relate! Being a busy mom, part-time worker, and caretaker for my aging mom, I handled a lot of papers coming into my home. I had a general idea where papers were at, but spent too much time looking for items.  Then I heard about the Sunday Basket System created by Lisa Woodruff and found the system that not only works for me but the system that can be adapted to help anyone with all the actionable papers (items that need an action taken) that enter their home. I love it so much that I became a Certified Sunday Basket and Certified All Paper Retreat Trained Organizer.

I would love to get you started with your own Sunday Basket and continue to help you organize archival papers including items kept for reference, memories or legal purposes. I look forward to hearing how I can help you with your paper organization!

Margaret Sanders

Tollhouse, California

Is paper taking over your house and your life? Do you have bills, magazines, coupons, flyers and important papers all stacked up on your counters, your desk and your dining table? Are you sometimes late paying bills or turning in school-related papers because you couldn't find them? We've got the solution!

Mary Sommer

Discovery Bay, California

Who doesn’t struggle to handle the daily avalanche of paper that comes our way? That is why I love my Sunday Basket paper organization system. I have tried numerous systems over the years, that turned out to be unsustainable until I found the Sunday Basket. The Sunday Basket has a triple purpose of providing a place to catch all of those papers that show up daily, a comprehensive action plan to address each item as well as a system for handling short and long term projects. I want to share this surprisingly easy and highly effective process with everybody so everyone can gain the level of satisfaction and control I have experienced using the Sunday Basket principles. Superb organization is a learnable skill…. Thank goodness I learned it and so can you!!!

Holly Southerland

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Everyone deals with papers and knows how overwhelming it can become to accumulate piles and not deal with them. The Sunday Basket® is a two-in-one solution that both teaches you how to organize and how to maintain. It is simple enough for a single person to utilize and can also be as detailed as necessary for a large family to maintain sanity in their paper flow. - Holly Southerland