Bills, Bills, Bills. When we are debt free, I am automating all our bills. It will save us a TON of time! But maybe like you, we pay our bills each week. According to CNN money, 76% of us are living paycheck to paycheck.
Before I toss my mail in the Sunday basket, I weed out the mail that can be recycled or shredded. But on a super busy week, I just plop the WHOLE stack of mail right into the basket. A few years ago, I made this monthly money form and kept it in my planner.  That way, each time hubby gets paid, I know what bills HAVE to be paid. I also have a better idea of when my variable income needs to be less variable and more income 🙂

Each month I write out what bills we have due and on what day. Then I highlight the bills as we pay them.

When you have medical debt like we do – or any debt, really, it weighs on you. Knowing that the bills are paid – even if only for THIS week – allows me to not think about it again until next week.

I am working hard to earn more, spend less and get out of debt – one week at a time.

So, what about you? Do you have a plan for getting your bills paid on time?
weekly planing made easy
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