40 Weeks 1 Whole House: Week 18: Organizing the Storage Room

Home Storage and Organization Ideas

Two years ago, I started Organize 365 in an Org Junkie challenge. My challenge of choice – organizing the storage room.

This is the perfect week to organize the storage room. Many of you are off work and much of the storage room contents, AKA Christmas, are not in the storage room.

My storage room starts to get out of hand right after school starts, and by the week after Christmas – I can’t find anything!

Time to clean out the home storage and organization ideas for your seasonal decorations. | Organize 365

Some of you may want to smack me right now for thinking THIS is disorganized, but the reality is that ALL organizational systems have to be maintained and decluttered on a regular basis. Every December, I organize our storage room.

There were many years where this was a weekend long project, but now I can do it in a few hours.

organizing storage room-009

I needed to :

#1 Declutter and donate a few items. {I got rid of a lot from a bookshelf you can’t see in this picture.}

#2 Add more Christmas storage and move the spring, summer and fall storage to the shelving unit that used to hold empty organizers.


organizing storage room-002



So, here is the after picture.
organizing storage room-spring



This shelving unit used to store empty organizers organizing around our house. I moved a few of the organizers I like a lot over to the bookshelf I decluttered that you can’t see.

I have added fall and Christmas decorations so my decorating shelving needs have spread to 3 shelving units.

organizing storage room-006

I spent a good amount of time going through what was stored on top of these 2 shelving units. I added quite a few toys the kids want to keep, but don’t play with.

There used to be 2 smaller Christmas trees stored up here, but we gave those away this year.

organizing storage room-map

So, here is how the bins on the back wall will be organized. I am not 100% sure all the Christmas will fit there when I take it down, but we’ll see.

I love having a clean storage room to put our Christmas decorations away. This Thursday, I will be on Living Dayton sharing more holiday storage solutions. The link to that video and tips will be up on the blog Monday, January 6th.

How about you? How often do you clean out your storage room?

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