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PhD Podcast

School is in session! Well it is for me..I know you may not be on a higher education journey. But you are planning for or are in the midst of a shift for how you plan and spend your time. I know this because you are an Organize 365® Podcast listener. Collectively, we are all lifelong learners pursuing the best version of ourselves and putting into action the complete organization cycle. In the podcast I will share week by week what I am continually decluttering to free up my time and space. How I am organizing my days, responsibilities, and my work, both visible and invisible, as I take captive every minute at my discretion to increase my capacity and productivity in pursuit of my PhD in Psychology so that I can have a seat at the academic table in the discussion of how we use our homes and complete our housework and home organization tasks. These are short and super actionable podcasts.Enjoy this playlist and let’s keep pursuing our passions together!

PhD Podcast Playlist

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