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329 – 4 Steps to Organizing BIG Projects for Productivity – Part 1

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
329 - 4 Steps to Organizing BIG Projects for Productivity - Part 1

I am sharing my system for completing big projects. I break it down into smaller steps, and I am going to teach you these skills so you can follow along, and maybe even plan a project of your own. I am trying to provide as much encouragement, motivation, perspective, and love as possible during this time of uncertainty. We are in this together!

After you have been doing your Sunday Basket® for 6-8 weeks, you will find you have 2.0 slash pockets with projects that still need your attention. Today on the podcast, I want to share with you how to move beyond your Sunday Basket® to dos and weekly focus to actually completing big projects.  I want to show you the 4 Steps to Organizing BIG Projects, and how I create bigger goals and accomplish bigger projects. I do this by using a consistent system for approaching my big projects and I want to teach you how to apply these same skills.

For this podcast series, I am talking about three different example projects: a large party or celebration, summer planning for kids, and moving to a new home. This system is for a project that requires more than a single weekend to complete. Much of the time, you will collect ideas and papers for your project in a 2.0 slash pocket. When you are committed to taking action and completing the project, you will follow the steps in the podcasts.

Step 1 – Identify your Project and Dedicate a Sunday Basket or Workbox to the Project

Once you have committed to your project or goal, dedicate a separate Sunday Basket, portable Sunday Basket, or Workbox to your project. You can purchase a plain Sunday Basket (no slash pockets) in the Organize Shop. Having a separate box physically represents your resolve to reach the goal, and helps your brain to focus on completing the project. The separate box is a temporary focal point – at the end of the project, you will reuse the box for something else.

Then, empty your brain into the box. Write down every thought, idea, or plan you have about your project. Make sure you capture every thought your brain has, even if you end up with duplicates. Getting everything out of your head will resolve the feeling of overwhelm that you initially face. Drop physical items (invitations, photos, receipts, etc.) directly into the box.





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