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474 – A Day in the Life – Monday Workday

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
474 - A Day in the Life - Monday Workday

In this podcast series, I will be diving into organizing the business of work. I will be taking you along with me for a workweek that I recorded in November 2021.

At Organize 365®, we divide our work into four categories. As a shortcut, we use the Friday Workbox® colors to categorize the different kinds of work. These colors are pink, purple, blue, and green.

Creating a shared vocabulary and defining different kinds of work gets all of our team on the same page. Together, we move faster in the same direction and have fewer episodes of miscommunication.

Today is Monday, and Mondays are pink days in my work.

Pink work is about ideas and possibilities—new projects, new ideas, new partners, possible process improvements, and other future ideas that might become a reality.

Because I am the CEO and visionary of Organize 365®, I give myself two full workdays each week to focus on my pink work. I take time to think, dream, process, and move forward about what might be in our future. I spend a lot of time and research exploring possibilities, and sometimes I put the ideas on hold, and sometimes I decide that we are never going to do a particular project.

In this podcast, I will take you along and talk to you at different times during my workday.

Part of what I share is some different productivity habits I have slowly added in over the past 30 years that help me to be more effective and get so much done.

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