464 – End of the Year Thoughts

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464 - End of the Year Thoughts

If you and I were at a family holiday gathering together this week, the podcast today is the conversation I would start.

I have always been inquisitive. Asking big questions and researching new interests is something I have always done. I see it in my husband, Greg, and our kids too. Whenever we wonder about something, we grab our phones and start to Google.

It’s a great thing really, the ability to question and get answers to your questions right away. Access to information has become a great equalizer and I find more and more of my friends have caught the questioning and researching bug that I have always had.

The last two years have brought an unprecedented amount of change in every single area of our lives, and it is the pace of that change that is hard to comprehend.

I do not have a big revelation, actionable plan, or solution to share. These are partly mindset shifts, and some observations, thoughts, and musings.

Listen in and have a mental conversation with me this weekend. YOU are the person I would most like to talk to at the party.

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