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301 – FINISH! – How to Finish Strong With Lisa Woodruff

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
301 - FINISH! - How to Finish Strong With Lisa Woodruff

This week, I want to talk about FINISHING. In our current, crazy lives, we often struggle to accomplish the things we start. Having so many open projects increases the clutter in our homes and our brains. As we head towards the end of the calendar year, I want you to direct your effort into finishing what you have started.

To finish, I want to encourage you to keep working on your current organizing project until it is done. This is not a chance to beat yourself up for failing at perfection, but I do want you to feel like your project or area is finished. I do want you to feel like you have accomplished your task with a sense of excellence.

I want to permit you to take the time you need to follow through and complete your project. I want you to keep working and do the things that make your house into a home for you and your family. You do not need to keep up with anyone else’s timeline. Just keep working on YOUR area.

Small, consistent steps will add up over time. As long as you keep moving towards your vision, you are making progress, and that is enough to celebrate. If you want to work on your laundry room organization for this, we offer a FREE trial week of The Productive Home Solution.

As you have the tools to get organized and see your progress, you will get more motivated. This will lead to a desire to spend more time getting your home organized. I recommend that you follow your organization’s energy and keep working on your selected area to finish your decluttering and organizing. The Productive Home Solution is a lifetime membership and will be available as you can work on it. You cannot be behind when you are organizing!

I also include essential information about identifying your own organizing energy and preferred style for approaching organizing. I help you figure out how to make more giant time blocks to spend getting organized if that is something you desire. And, I give you blatant permission to plan to neglect some of the tasks that are currently filling up your schedule. Finally, I help you to see how finishing one project can lead to getting your next thing done faster, and how the final result is growing your productivity for your whole life.

What is ONE project you could FINISH this week?

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