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74 – How To Organize Projects

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
74 - How To Organize Projects

Today on the podcast I am answering the question, “How do you organize projects?”

Are you using a Sunday Basket?

In that basket, you are going to have “projects”, items that you need or want to do, but will not get completed in ONE week. So what do we do with those projects?

1. If at all possible set up a project area in your home.

As long as you have the space and will consistently work on the project go ahead and devote a table or space to working on your project.

2. Have a system for regular projects.

Figure out the steps to complete your project and schedule how many steps you can get done in one week.

This works great for ongoing projects like working on scrapbooks.

3. Another option, is to get all your work done and then spend 1-3 FULL days working on your project and then clean everything up.

This is how I redecorated my kid’s rooms this summer.

4. When you are doing a BIG project, make a master list of everything that has to be done and BATCH your time.

When I made 10 videos, instead of doing one video from start to finish I got all the props for 10 videos ready. Then I recorded all 10. The next day I wrote the episode notes for YouTube and Facebook. I edited and uploaded all the videos. Then each day I just “published” the video, but everything was already done.

5. Make Checklists

When I have a BIG project, I make a checklist to keep me moving along the path to completing that project.

6. Focus on ONE project per month.

I scrapbook in July and January. I focus on house projects in June and August. I work on major blog edits in the summer. I focus on my kid’s schedules and updating their wardrobes, etc in August/ September and May/ June. I take on bigger work projects in the fall months and spring months.

By focusing on ONE, big goal each month, my creative juices get flowing and I feel like I make more headway than doing a little bit here and there.

So. what about you? How do you tackle projects?

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