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350 – The Paper Solution – How to Organize your Family’s Fun & Daily Living Paper

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
350 - The Paper Solution - How to Organize your Family's Fun & Daily Living Paper


The Paper Solution – Household Operations Binder

In The Paper Solution, I teach you how to ditch your file cabinet and replace it with portable, functional binders for reference papers. The Paper Solution will tell you how to set up your binders, gives you access to sample printables, and gives you a list of what to include in each of the binders I recommend you create.

The Household Operations Binder

The idea for this binder grew from my career as a teacher. I think of this binder as a lesson plan for my home and family – I want to keep track of and grow the traditions that are meaningful to the people in my family and I want to reduce the things that do not bring joy or value to my family.

I created this binder to help keep track of ideas for celebrating and decorating for different holidays. I also keep childcare information, pet information, and meal plan information in this binder. I want it to be a single place someone could go to step in and help with our family routines and care. This is a place to keep the things you want to remember from our three times a year Blitz – like summer ideas or winter holiday plans.

The Household Operations Binder allows you to hand off care of your home, children, or pets to another person. It keeps all of the details and information in a single place. It also helps you to keep your ideas together in one place so that it is easy to transition into fun. For details on what to include in your binder, listen to the podcast and then check out page 218 of The Paper Solution.

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