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327 – Point of View – Religion of Origin

Organize 365 Podcast
Organize 365 Podcast
327 - Point of View - Religion of Origin

Today we discuss different points of view on Religion of Origin. In February, the Organize 365 Podcasts were designed to help you to discover YOU. I want you to have some tools and frameworks to learn more about yourself and how you see the world. (Don’t forget to take your FREE personality tests from Cloverleaf!)

In March, I want to share with you four different points of view that affect how I see the world, this one is regarding Religion of Origin. We all start out seeing the world from our own experiences and our own lives. We adopt a cognitive bias that shapes how we understand everything around us. These points of view shape your organizational decisions and how you view the world. And, as you explore your point of view, you can better understand your mental models.

I will be sharing some of my mental models and points of view this month. This week I share how religion has played a role in my life. It is a cornerstone of my identity, so I share some of the different experiences I have had. I talk about my own beliefs and personal growth, but I hope you can see how I think deeply about the ways my mindset has changed throughout my life. I want to give you the skills to analyze your mindset and change it if needed.

I am consciously trying to grow Organize 365 into a community that will reach all kinds of women, many of whom will be different than me. Organization is a LEARNABLE skill that we can all acquire together. I want you to be able to learn these skills, get your home and paper organized, and then be able to use the extra time for what you were uniquely created to do.

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