Annie Lamb


Annie Lamb

Organizing Expert Directory Listings

Over the years, I have worn many different personal and professional hats.  These varying roles gave me the skills I have today to help others.  I am a teacher first, but have also worked in sales, marketing, and freelance, own a small business, and run a household.

With all of life’s obligations, I have gone through periods where I would get home from work and be too tired to do much of anything else.  I would plan to get everything done on the weekend, but then something more appealing would present itself.  I finally took the time to develop systems to make everything so much easier!  It was a relief!

By using the Sunday Basket, Education Workbox, and Productive Home Solution systems, I became more productive and freed up mental energy, while saving time, money, and frustration.  I look forward to helping you achieve this with these life-changing programs.  Life/work balance and productivity… here we come!


Plainfield, Illinois


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