Cynthia Wigger Schrecengost


Cynthia Wigger Schrecengost

Organizing Expert Directory Listings

Paper - It is a challenge. I am naturally drawn to paper organization, I love paper! Equally, I love systems, processes, categories, color and order. I have worked in many diverse industries (distribution, transportation, personal development, construction, legal systems, and emergency management). The common thread throughout each of these is organization; the cornerstone to a solid working foundation. For those of you who aren’t naturally drawn to organization the Sunday Basket system is a simple process that will grow with you. For those of you who know organization but have been derailed by too many “life happens” events the Sunday Basket will get you back on track. Now is the time to join me in a Sunday Basket Workshop – You haven’t lost your skills, abilities and knowledge to organization, you have just experienced an excessive dose of “life happens”.

With the assistance of the Sunday Basket system I want to help rescue you from your paper clutter. At Organizing 911 we are your emergency responders to the paper tsunami in your life. My home base is New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania but I am an organizing gypsy. Let me explain, I travel with my husband when he works out of town so there is no telling where I could be throughout the year. I will update my location schedule as it changes – I would love for you to experience a Sunday Basket Workshop when I am in your area. You got this!


New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


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