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Kara Bilbo


Kara Bilbo

For 22 years and counting, my life as a military spouse and mother of 2 has included 10 moves, 8 states and 3 countries. Processing, maintaining, and storing the constant influx of actionable paper and endless to-do’s has always been my true nemesis and moving frequently only exasperated the
issue. My system to corral chaotic household paper (and everything else) had to change with each house layout, causing frequent overwhelm, frustration, disorganization, and inefficiencies. Fast forward, to Kara finding paper organizing solutions with Organize 365®…my actionable paper is now systemized, manageable, organized, and efficient with the implementation the Sunday Basket®. I can think back to every house we’ve lived in over the last 22 years and envision where I would have conveniently set up the Sunday Basket® to curtail the counter clutter, effectively tackle endless tasks, and systemize the countless actionable papers. If only I had a Sunday Basket® sooner, life would have been so much less hectic .

Organization looks different for everyone and it’s truly a journey, not a destination. My organization journey now includes serving others as a small business owner providing Professional Home Organizing services and partnering with Organize 365® as a Certified Paper Solution Organizer. My
goal is to provide encouraging mentorship that empowers women to capture the momentum gained from our meetings and use their new skillset to proactively maintain their home and paper during each season of life. My experience and passion to plan makes me authentically qualified to help
others discover order and efficiency is a reasonable reality. I look forward to hearing about your organization journey and being your personal guide. Together we will cut clutter and create time! Give yourself what you deserve! Are you ready to climb abroad?


Springfield, Virginia


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