Lorri Landon


Lorri Landon

Organizing Expert Directory Listings

Hello! I’m Lorri and I make my home in northeast Missouri these days. Maybe you can relate to the times in life when juggling family, work, a household, or whatever your passions are and the paperwork that comes with each of those areas has seemed overwhelming. Spending time searching for a permission slip or needed paper and trying to keeping track of bills to be paid in piles of paper throughout the house impacts us more than we realize. Our body, mind, and spirit all suffer from the chaos. The good news is that small steps make a big difference, as I have learned through the Sunday Basket system. Making it a regular part of my weekly routine has helped me to regain a sense of control over the paper and make time for those areas of life that are truly important to me and my family.

You are not alone on the journey toward a more peaceful and organized life. As a former teacher and current parent of teens, I love helping people reach their potential. My studies in grief work and spiritual direction have shown me that learning to let go in a healthy way allows us to move forward- holding on to the memories that matter and making room for dreams and passions. Through online and in-person Sunday Basket workshops, small group work sessions, and one-on-one paper workshops, I will help lead you to a more peaceful and organized life. Start your journey with me.


Kirksville, Missouri


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