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Monique Horb

Monique Horb

Monique Horb

I started my business as a Professional Home Organizer over ten years ago.  I met Lisa Woodruff and knew that the Sunday Basket System was the answer to the information and paper chaos that my clients were struggling with.  With so many balls to juggle the Sunday Basket® System is what I use to keep my life organized.  The Sunday Basket® helps manage all the actionable papers, ideas, and things to do and can be used anywhere!  As a Paper Solution Certified Organizer and Life & Productivity Coach, I use the Friday Workbox to mange my full time job and my productivity coaching business.  These two systems work together and have created space for me to manage my home and work and enjoy my life.

I'm a wife, mother of six adult children, and grandmother. I am passionate about helping  women like you learn practical tools to help you feel calm, empowered, and productive.  As you take steps to learn how to mange your life, you will gain the confidence and time to create a life that you love.

Monique is endorsed by Organize 365® as a Paper Solution Certified Organizer.  She is trained to assist others (in their home or hers) to process through the contents of a filing cabinet and keep, shred or recycle the contents per the homeowner's wishes. You can learn more about her services by clicking on her website.


Nashville, Tennessee


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