Rhonda Haynes


Rhonda Haynes

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I understand you. I have been where you are! Reactive to proactive? It might sound impossible, but it's not!  That is exactly my story and my journey. Organization IS a learnable skill, I have learned it an continue to refine it.  That is why I pursued the Organize 365® Paper Solution® Certification and started Show-Me Organizing Solutions, to help others gain the mental clarity and household harmony The Paper Solution provides.

I went through too many years of spinning my wheels and thinking that I was broken. Too much of the time letting life happen "to" me...living in reactive mode versus proactive mode, left me exhausted. The Organize 365 products, systems and support have changed my life! Through the Sunday Basket® and Friday Workbox® Systems as well as the Organize 365 Four Essential Binders, I went from mental clutter to mental clarity. Whether it’s home spaces, paper for your household or work, classroom or home education, even memorabilia, I would love to help you learn the skills and make the shift from reactive to proactive living.

Join me for one of my Co-Working sessions for the Sunday Basket, Business and Education Workboxes, Binders,  monthly Virtual Mini-Paper Retreats, or an In-Person Paper Retreat. I also offer PPRs – Personal Paper Retreats and ‘All About You’ one-on-one time for your home and paper.

Please fill out a Contact Me form or schedule a discovery call by emailing me at ShowMeOrganizingSolutions@gmail.com.Show-Me Organizing Solutions – What you need. Where you need it. How you use it.



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