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Rhonda Haynes


Rhonda Haynes

I understand you. I have been where you are! Reactive to proactive? It might sound impossible, but it's not! That is exactly my story and my journey. Organization IS a learnable skill, I have learned it and continue to refine it. That is why I pursued the Organize 365® Paper Solution® Certification and started Show-Me Organizing Solutions, to help others gain the mental clarity and household harmony the Paper Solution® provides.

I went through too many years of spinning my wheels and thinking that I was broken. Too much of the time letting life happen 'to' me...living in reactive mode versus proactive mode, left me exhausted. The Organize 365® products, systems and support have changed my life! Through the Sunday Basket® and Friday Workbox® Systems as well as the Four Essential Binders, I went from mental clutter to mental clarity. I would love to help you learn the skills and make the shift from reactive to proactive living.



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