Organize 365 has three major principals that guide our vision

At Organize 365, we believe that if organization were just about buying organizational products, there would be a lot more organized households! Organization is a journey. It’s a way of thinking, and it can be learned.

#1 Organization has nothing to do with cute containers.

So many times, we see women spend large amounts of money on beautiful, clean collections of containers and bins they are sure will be the “magic ticket” they finally need to get their homes the way they want it (or, more often, the way they saw it on Pinterest). But soon, they are missing papers. They are forgetting appointments. They have stacks of miscellaneous items all over their homes. Eventually, they are back on Pinterest looking for the next product that will finally work.

Our passion lies not with organization products, but with organization tools and resources. Organizing your home and life is a process and a routine. Those fancy containers, while beautiful, fail us because they don’t change us.

#2 Organization is about creating systems that fit your life.

It isn't as simple as it sounds. But it works. We start with the Sunday Basket®, ensuring that all of your household paper has a home and gets dealt with every single week. This routines creates a home base for everything that happens within your home and family, and enables you to locate papers you need when you need them. Eventually, the time you used to spend under stress looking for items converts to time you get to spend doing whatever it is you are uniquely created to do. 

#3 Products that lead to productivity.

Over the years, Lisa honed the systems she used in her own organizational journey and started sharing them with her audience. We got questions all the time: What size basket do you use? Where do you find slash pockets? What ARE slash pockets? What size binder should I get? It only made sense to start producing our own--so we did!

We are all about function here at Organize 365, but being pretty doesn’t hurt. We now offer several lines of beautiful, functional products with the end goal in mind: to help busy women get their homes organized so that they can live out their unique purpose.

Welcome! We are so glad you’re here!