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576 – Jump Start – YOU – Get 50% Organized in 6 Weeks [Personal Organization]

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576 - Jump Start - YOU - Get 50% Organized in 6 Weeks [Personal Organization]

The number one reason cited as to why people do not feel like they are more organized or they do not start getting organized is they don’t know HOW to start. They don’t know WHERE to start. They don’t know how long it’s going to take…something else always gets in the way. Today’s episode is going to help give you the tools to overcome this hurdle.

So when you’re at home and you feel like you’re disorganized and you have a little bit of time, how do you use it? How do you get started? That’s what I’ve been wrestling with the last 6 months. Looking at customer service emails, listening to things on social media, watching how people are implementing the tools that Organize 365® has to get you more organized, which ultimately give you more time. But – if you don’t have any time, how do you get organized?

What does it look like when your closet, bathroom, and bedroom are declared “organized”? Your closet is done when anyone could go in there, choose an outfit, and you’d put it on and walk out the door immediately. Your bathroom is done when you have everything you need for your morning, afternoon, and evening routines. No extras of anything and duplicates of everything you couldn’t go a day without. Your bedroom is done when it doesn’t look like you’re living in your storage room. It should be intentional.

When you are organized there is no negative self talk, you wake up and have a more productive day, and you are moving forward faster. You have more mental capacity at your discretion in the morning and the evening to reflect on your day. This allows you to go to bed calmer and with less stress, all small but significant benefits – just from being organized!

Personal organization is a YOU game. You need to get your space organized first, then you will start to live an organized life 50% of the time. If you start February 15th, you will be personally organized by April 1st. How amazing would it feel to be personally organized in 6 weeks and living 50% of your life as an organized person?!

The first Jump Start cycle begins on February 15th, and runs every 6 weeks. You will have dashboard access to the course, and be invited into a private community group in the App. You will also get weekly recordings of The Productive Home Solution® Club. More details can be found at

Next week I’ll give you all the details on the Kitchen + Meal Planning Jump Start Program!


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