Now I want to share a bit of a deep dive about refinement of the Teacher Friday Workbox®. I find it ironic that we basically made up IEPs for the workboxes for teachers that create IEPs for students. Each teacher used their workbox differently due to their teaching knowledge, the way they learn and work,

Teacher Podcast #7 – Special Ed Off Site Deep Dive Day Read More »

We’ve come to the downsizing & legacy stage of life. These are two different things, although I married them together about 6 years ago when I first wrote about this. Naturally people downsize, but I don’t think they always think about the implications of legacy. Some downsizing is based on your family of origin. A

589 – Housework 70+ Downsizing & Legacy Read More »

This is the recap of Day 1. I was driving to Jayme to teach the first workshop for her teachers about the Teacher Friday Workbox®. I’d been having conversations with other schools about implementing the Teacher Program in their schools. I was shocked by the one thing holding them back. The honest feedback I was

Teacher Podcast #5 – Teacher Pilot Launch Day Read More »

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