You guys know I’m a history nut and this episode is all about homes from the past and our current homes. I live in the purple state of Ohio. Fun fact, more Presidents have come from Ohio than any other state; 8 Presidents to be exact. I’ve toured Presidential homes in Ohio many times. I […]

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In this episode, I introduce you to Mara D., mom of four boys and happily married up in Connecticut. Mara organized her closet the Marie Kondo way and felt lighter and brighter. Her friend planted a seed saying she should do that for others. But how? She searched for podcasts about starting an organization business

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Some people say, “Lisa how do you do it ALL?” And some people hear all I’m doing and say, “Me too!” If you say “Me too!,” you are going to love this episode because it’s completely devoted to my process of planning. I share all my strategic thought process behind the days I have meetings

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In this episode, I introduce you to Allie H. Allie is a busy lady being an Assistant Professor, pursuing her PhD, taking care of her four children (currently ages 9,7,5,2), and being married to her supportive husband. Allie wanted to change her negative self talk about her home and her life. She’d been following Sarah

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In this episode, I introduce you to Mechelle, married and mother of two. Mechelle found Organize 365® in 2019 through the podcast. One day while on a walk with her friends, she asked “Do any of you know someone who talks about running their home like a business?” She’d been looking for a podcast and

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In this episode, we are joined once again by the fabulous Rhonda H. You may remember Rhonda from last year on the podcast; she has been part of the community for a long time. Rhonda will be working with us in the fall with the Homeschool Friday Workbox®. Rhonda has every Organize 365® product you

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Don’t Start Touching Things…First VIS-U-AL-IZATION Start with the end in mind. We do this in our paid work, but now we need to do it for our meaty project. I know it’s so exciting when you have all your supplies. But to be most effective, I want you to have a meaningful start. When you

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Now that you know all about Annie, it’s time to learn about her Teacher Pilot. Annie was part of the Teacher Friday Workbox® Mastermind. And she had lots of ideas. So when I put feelers out to see who wanted to run a pilot, Annie raised her hand high. Annie had been using the Teacher

Teacher Podcast #14 – Annie’s Pilot Read More »

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