NEW Community App Essential FAQs with Monique Horb

by Lisa Woodruff

Nov 19, 2021 | Episode 459 | 22:58

Today on the podcast, I have a very exciting announcement! 

Our community app is now live and available for download!!!

Our old app with access to some of your dashboard has been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store, but we have a brand new online community ready for you.

Today, we are launching our Organize  365® online community app. This will function similarly to Facebook, but it is private and less distracting.

We have simplified everything to make this app more productive. There is nothing there to take you away from your organizational interactions. When you are in the app, you can enjoy the other members and a supportive community, but the distractions have been eliminated.

You will have as much community as you desire, but you will also be able to stay focused on your own transformation and make progress along your own organizational journey. The app is directly connected to our website, so all of your specialized online communities will open automatically when you log in.

We have been working behind the scenes for months to get ready to host this community. We built this specifically for you. We want to have one place where it is easy for you to find what you need, and where it is easier for us to get you news, information, updates, and encouragement. This new community will save you time, help you be more productive, and give you encouragement. 

We have organized the community app to match your organizational journey. There are only six groups in the app.

We hope that you jump in, make connections with the rest of the Organize 365® community, and continue to move along your journey!

We are still learning about the amazing ways we can support and encourage you using this technology - please give us grace as we continue to increase the value for you.

Things we do know the new app offers - badges to show what groups people belong to (including the Dream Team and Certified Organizers), direct messaging capabilities, and direct access to many of the printables. 

We are so excited about having a new community app. We would love for you to download it and come check it out!

Please download the official mobile app through the iOS App Store  or Google Play Store. You can also access the community on your desktop

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