Go with the Flow is Gone with COVID-19

by Lisa Woodruff

Sep 18, 2020 | Episode 353 | 39:11

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken away our ability to go with the flow. We are living in a snow globe where our city, job, government, and public health are continually shaken up and we are chasing around. So many people are sharing that life feels so hard right now. There is no flow. The pandemic has stopped our hustle, bustle, and flow. 

Most of us have lived through hard times like this before, and humanity has definitely survived times of uncertainty and upheaval similar to what we are facing now. In the podcast, I share about how we have survived and have the lessons from other times in history when our lives were similarly out of control. 

However, catastrophic events do not impact everyone equally. Depending on your location, family, job, and other factors, you may be experiencing a lot or a little bit of life disruption. Today, I want to talk with you about how to find your flow again - even though it will be different than it was before COVID-19.

First, if you are not a natural flow generator, find and follow good leaders.

Second, get started. Let go of perfection. Release the need to do it all. But, actually taking action and moving your body will produce much better results than thinking about what you want to do.

Third, I really want you to work on your schedules and routines. These basic steps will get you moving in the morning and can keep you moving throughout the day. When you clean up - you know the drill - pick up trash, clothes, and food in that order. Start simple, and just get started.

I also share how my morning, afternoon, and evening routines have helped me to continue to be engaged in my life and make progress during the pandemic. It is typical to be less productive than you were before the stay at home events, but using routines will help you to transition to the next part of the day and keep the momentum going. I share suggestions for setting up your routines and share my own inside the podcast. 

Bonus Evening Routine Items (as mentioned in the podcast):

Epsom Salts
Kirkland Towels - Costco
Farmacy Brand - Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm
Mary Kay TimeWise Cleanser
PeterThomasRoth - FirmX Peeling Gel
Fresh Brand Rose Deep Hydration Sleep Mask
Kate Sommerville Wrinkle Warrior

Ravensburger Puzzles
Puzzle Tray - Bits and Pieces Puzzle Board

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