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534 – How Long Do Golden Windows Last?

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534 - How Long Do Golden Windows Last?

There are times when getting organized is going to be easier. I call these Golden Windows.

Some Golden Windows are given to all of us – like January (new year), spring, and fall. The new year is all about starting the year off with a fresh start and achieving new goals. Spring and fall are both times of the year when there are big season shifts and you get a burst of energy. The spring energy lends itself well to planning and the fall energy lends itself well to productivity.

Common Golden Windows include:

  • Expecting a child
  • Moving or selling your home
  • When your youngest child starts school
  • When your youngest child starts middle school
  • When your youngest child starts driving
  • Milestone birthdays

If you want to hear a more in-depth definition of Golden Windows, listen to this podcast.

Today’s episode is going to focus on a question I get a lot – how long do Golden Windows last?

This depends on the type of Golden Window you’re experiencing. There are long and short Golden Windows. A long Golden Window is something you can anticipate. A short Golden Window is one where you don’t realize you’re in a Golden Window until you’re already in it. In a short Golden Window, you don’t get to plan so the energy fizzles out fast.

  • An example of a long Golden Window could be pregnancy. You know you are going to have a baby so you have months and months to plan, re-organize, nest, and prepare.
  • An example of a short Golden Window could be adoption. When we adopted Joey, we got a call at 5 pm, and by 7 pm we had a baby!

Each Golden Window, no matter whether it is short or long, is an opportunity not to be overlooked! And while the length of time that Golden Window will be open for you depends on a lot of factors (outside of your control) there are certain things you can do to get the most out of it.

Here are my three recommendations for making the most of a Golden Window:

  1. Anticipate
  2. Optimize
  3. Extend

Understanding your Golden Windows allows you to get so much more out of these amazing bursts of energy. Listen in to find out how to anticipate, optimize and extend your Golden Windows for maximum impact.


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How long do golden windows last
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