Interim Normal & Our Homes

by Lisa Woodruff

Sep 11, 2020 | Episode 352 | 27:01

We are living in the middle of a global health pandemic during COVID-19. The middle of any kind of change or transition is messy!!! As we go through the middle, we can end up feel trapped - we cannot go back, but we are not yet to the place we want to be. 

I want to help you make sense of this pandemic and disruption we are all facing. I want to share my analysis of what is going on in society, our homes, and our responses to this uncertainty we have all been living with since at least March of 2020. I am hearing from many of you that you are facing anxiety, depression, and feelings of loss. Every single person on Earth has had plans derailed this year.

So - what do we do about the messy middle? We are certainly not yet to the "new normal" that will come someday, but we do have to begin to function more effectively and make some progress in life. We are all struggling to make sense of our current reality and to figure out how to function in a new world. We cannot live our pajama day, Netflix, and quarantine cocktail life while we wait for the end. We must work our way through this messy middle.

I want to walk with you, provide inspiration, and help you to survive (and maybe thrive) in this unexpected life event. I cannot fix everything going on, but I can help you to find your bearings so you can get some traction while we all stumble through this middle place together. 

Listen in as I talk to you about how to analyze and adapt for:

Just as getting organized begins with your mindset, so does getting yourself and your loved ones through this time. I am here as your teacher, your coach, and your friend. You are not alone in this journey, and I will walk along side you and continue to share and inspire.

Furthermore, if you are struggling with mental health during this time, that is a true, real, and vital medical need. Please seek medical attention for your medical needs. Please reach out to your health care team and ask for help. If you want to hear more about the time I struggled with depression, you can listen to that podcast here. However, I am not a medical professional, and I cannot provide medical assistance. 

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