Learning Organizational Skills - Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience

by Lisa Woodruff

Nov 1, 2019 | Episode 307 | 26:59

Last week, we talked about the ways in which you need to take care of your physical and safety needs before you can get organized. Today on the podcast, we will talk about how you actually learn the skills of organization. 

Edgar Dale was an educator who studied the different methods teachers used to deliver a lesson, and he quantified how much a student could be expected to recall based on the approach the teacher used. The way you get information directly affects how much you retain. The retention does vary by individual learner as well, so it is helpful to learn how YOU best learn. 

Lessons can be delivered as reading, hearing, seeing, video (hearing and seeing), saying (teaching back), and saying while doing (experiential learning). I share with you how I analyzed this information and applied it to different places I have taught - as a classroom teacher, as the Sunday Basket ® instructor, and as the owner of Organize 365 while onboarding new staff members.

Organization is a learnable skill. The only way you cannot get organized, is if I fail to teach you. My job is to figure out how to correctly teach the skills of organization. I am continually working to learn better ways to teach, motivate, inspire, and help you meet your goal of getting organized.   

I offer 3 different levels of courses in getting organized.

You can start with the Sunday Basket ®.

Then you can join the 100 Day Home Organization Program.

Finally, you can get your whole life organized in All Access

I continue to make improvements, enhancements, and additions to help you get organized. These programs work because we have included every single learning strategy that Edgar Dale recommended. And, if you need even more personalized help, you can find a Sunday Basket ® Certified Workshop Organizer near you. 

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