Going PRO - Productive, Proactive, Profitable

by Lisa Woodruff

Aug 30, 2019 | Episode 298 | 29:10

Let's talk about how you can optimize your efforts as the CEO of your home in order to be more PRO:

I have studied organization and productivity strategies for years, but many of them are directed at men working in business, and do not cross over to running a home.

I want to give you actual tools you can use to make your home life productive. I know you are in charge of all of the household tasks, even if you do not personally do them. Some of you have outsourced things like house cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation.

Regardless of the number or kinds of tasks you are juggling, I can help you optimize the effort you put into your home. Professionals practice and that is how they get better. Practice will help you to learn new skills, hone your craft, condition your mind to stay on task, and to do more faster and with less effort.

Going PRO allows you to optimize the time, effort, and resources you spend in your life to complete the projects in your life and home. Listen in and see how you can gain productivity in your life in any role right now.

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PS I would love to guide you as you go PRO in your house this fall in the next round of the 100 Day Home Organization Program. We start on MONDAY! Join us!

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