Pursuing a PhD: Organizing Lecture Notes By Color - Week 4

by Lisa Woodruff

Feb 20, 2023 | Episode PHD4 |

The way I see the world in color is helping me organize my PhD studies and the work I am doing in school. Being able to use color allows me to chunk the information I am learning and help me remember it better.

Pink: For home it is anything related to your uniqueness and for work it is your ideas and marketing.

Purple: For home it is anything related to household work and projects and for work it is the visible work and projects.

Blue: For home it is anything related to your family and pets and for work it is your team and people.

Green: For home and work it is anything related to money and your invisible work.

I was able to learn how to do a literature review, how to do an annotated bibliography, and how to write a proposal for a conference using color for each of these key components. Whenever we talk about introductions it will be pink, whenever we talk about methods it will be blue, and whenever we talk about results it will be purple.


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