Adapting to Teaching from Home with Lorie

by Lisa Woodruff

Jul 29, 2020 | 37:28

This week, my Wednesday conversation is with Lorie G. She was on a previous Transformational Podcast and she is back with an update and some super helpful information this week. Lorie started the 100 Day Program after some damage to her house and after losing nearly 100 pounds.

In our conversation, she shares how she adapted to schooling from home in the spring, and how is doing her best to make ideas and plans for the uncertain fall school year. She is honest about how she has been challenged to be consistent with her Sunday Basket®. At the same time, she customized her Friday Teacher Workbox to help her adapt to teaching during the pandemic. She is frank about how she has make important choices and rearranged priorities. Listen in to hear grace in action, and to be inspired to face whatever comes next year.

Lorie has been super generous, so we are sharing two bonus items. Her sign in document is available here, and you can watch a special video here.

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