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Next Enrollment Period: December 3, 2021 - January 3, 2022

*Open to US Residents ONLY who have already attended a Workbox Planning Day (live or on demand). 

Learn all about the Workbox Planning Day Subscription Plan
from Lisa by watching this video! 

Friday Workbox Planning Day Subscription Plan is designed for you to plan your work with Lisa quarterly for one monthly fee. You pay for Planning Day, and we pay for your planners. For $49/month, you will receive each Workbox Planning Day AND each Workbox Planner quarterly as long as you maintain your subscription. Lisa would LOVE to plan your next quarter with you and gift you the planners each quarter when you sign up for and maintain your subscription! 


With your subscription, you will automatically be registered for our quarterly Friday Workbox Planning Days where you will join professional organizer and productivity expert, Lisa Woodruff as she walks you through a LIVE 5 hour planning session for your Friday Workbox. Focusing on work, Lisa will walk you through the steps to clean out your Friday Workbox, build your annual overview, set your quarterly goals, and then build your plan to achieve your goals. You will deep dive into creating your routines and checklists so you make sure those vital repetitive tasks get completed to move your business forward. Workbox Planning Day is a $149 value.

2021 Workbox Planning Days: 

  • December 3, 2021 from 10am - 3pm EST

2022 Workbox Planning Days: 

  • February 25, 2022 from 10am - 3pm EST
  • June 3, 2022 from 10am - 3pm EST
  • September 9, 2022 from 10am - 3pm EST
  • December 2, 2022 from 10am - 3pm EST

With your subscription, you will receive a new Friday Workbox Productive Planner each quarter and will take your Friday Workbox productivity to the next level. Using Lisa's own tried and true principles for growing a business and getting things done, you will be able to learn these skills and apply them to your own work. We will work through each slash pocket color so that you can effectively determine what you will do, delegate, defer, and delete each quarter to optimize your business. The Workbox Planner will walk you through planning for your whole year as an overview. Then, I will help you set a goal for the quarter, and then drill down to the weekly actions you will complete to achieve the goal. The planner is designed to think through and create your quarterly business plan the month before the quarter starts. Each season, you will have a fresh start so you can continually adapt to the changing world and continue to grow your business. The Friday Workbox Planner is valued at $47, plus shipping. 

Designed for: Corporate, Direct Sales, Entrepreneur, & Professional Organizer's Workboxes.


Topics covered in the Workbox Planning Day include:

  • Best practices for using your Organize 365 Workbox Planner for the best productivity

  • Maintaining your Friday Workbox

  • Creating your annual overview

  • Define your routines
  • Setting your quarterly goals

  • Building your plan to achieve your goals

  • Decide what to Delegate, Delete, Defer and Do

Upcoming Enrollment Periods

Enrollment Period:

December 3, 2021 - January 2, 2022

February 25 - March 27, 2022

June 3 - July 6, 2022

September 9 - October 9, 2022


Benefits Begin: 

February 25th Workbox Planning Day

June 3rd Workbox Planning Day

September 9th Workbox Planning Day

December 2nd Workbox Planning Day

*Planners will be mailed prior to each event

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up at any time?

The Workbox Subscription Plan is available for purchase four times a year. Please refer to the upcoming enrollment periods schedule for more details. 

Can international customers sign up for the subscription plan?

Our subscription plans are available to US Residents ONLY. 

What if I have a scheduling conflict with one of the upcoming Friday Workbox Planning Days?

Each Workbox Planning Day Webinar is recorded, and a link to the recording will be sent to your email inbox within 72 hours of the event. The video replay will be available for four weeks to allow plenty of time for you to watch and re-watch the session at a time that works with your schedule. The link expiration date will be stated in the email.

When will I receive my Friday Workbox Productive Planners?

You can expect to receive your Friday Workbox Productive Planner approximately two weeks before each Friday Workbox Planning Day. 

Can I pause my subscription plan?

The Friday Workbox Planning Day Subscription Plan is a month-to-month subscription that cannot be paused. Please see terms and conditions for more details. 

What are the terms and conditions of this subscription plan?

By purchasing the Friday Workbox Planning Day Subscription Plan, you agree to an initial and recurring monthly subscription fee of $49, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. Monthly payments are non-refundable. Customers who want to cancel their subscription plan must notify Organize 365 at customerservice@organize365.com 30 days in advance. You are responsible for updating your shipping information prior to the date when any shipments will take place.

Click here for full terms and conditions

Learn all about Workbox Planning Day and the Workbox Planner from Lisa and her sister Emily by listening to this podcast

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